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 86. Dilip Kumar Roy


Dilip Kumar Roy, was a lover of music. Music was his life. He was highly educated for his time, graduated with first class honors in mathematics and studied in Cambridge University, England, in 1919. He became friendly with famous men like philosopher Bertrand Russell, novelist Romain Rolland, leader Mahatma Gandhi and revolutionary Subhash Chandra Bose. But he was restless, some other world was calling him. A different world. God was calling him.

He chose Sri Aurobindo his Guru, and entered his ashram in 1928 and stayed there till his Guru’s death in 1950, or longer. He remained a singer, poet, and musician. He started an ashram of his own and wrote over sixty books. He also became a mystic, as the following episodes prove it:

His aunts and grandmother wanted him to marry, while he was tempted and repelled, simultaneously. He had taken a vow in front of the picture of Sri Ramakrishna to stay celibate. His greatest wish was to meet Lord Krishna, face to face. The matchmakers invited a girl of exquisite beauty and culture for afternoon tea, and asked Dilip to sing before the audience. Dilip loved to sing and show his talent.

He was torn in dilemma. Finally he prayed in front of a picture of Sri Ramakrishna, with tears rolling down his cheeks, to help him.

Suddenly he heard a distinct voice inside him, saying; “ Leave at once. Do not be here in the afternoon”

He took a taxi and went to a friend. He remained, forever, celibate


               Once he was taken , by his grandfather, to Swami Brahmananda( Sri Ramakrishna used to call him his spiritual son ). The Swamiji asked him to sing some song about the Mother. Dilip was overjoyed. As he sang, the Swamiji became oblivious to time and space and went into smadhi. When the song ended, among other things, Swamiji said, “ do you know when he was singing, I saw an aura of protection around him……..Thakur’s( Sri Ramakrishna ) aura…………..and I know what I am speaking about.”


               The second time he saw Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Madame Mira Richard ) together, in 1928, they blessed him and put their palms on his head, he had an ineffable descent of bliss and peace. He was one with the sky, the trees, the sands. He sat on the beach, stunned. He felt a beloved Presence. He just sat there in ecstatic half-trance, in silent happiness.


               On January 31, 1969, in his midnight of despair, he received his greatest boon, the vision of Lord Krishna’a lotus feet.

               On May 5, 1972, he had an experience of annihilation of I-ness, ahatma. It is called Shunyam in Hindu mysticism. It is considered a major experience.


               On February 28, 1954, as he started meditating, a profound peace coursed down his body, in waves, from the crown of his head to the base of his spine. He had this experience before, but it used to last no more than 24 hours, this time it lasted for more than a month. As if it was being fed by a secret source.


               His greatest desire was to see Krishna’s Feet ( which he did in 1969 ). He had, in October 1951, no hope, that his wish will be granted, because the sun of his life, his Guru, had died nine months ago. Now there was nobody to rescue him. He was in deep despair. He did not have a spiritual experience of his own. He wanted a sign from God, that He was there, listening to him.

He said, if You are a redeemer of the derelict, don’t let me peter out in frustration after more than 20 years of yoga; away from my home, my friends, my relations and everything that men cherish.

               He had a piece of art  in the form of Figures of Lord Krishna and Mira in his prayer room. It had a three pronged plug. The figures would light up when the plug was inserted in the socket on the wall. Every night before going to bed, Dilip would diligently remove the plug.

               As he was praying, he heard a clear voice saying, “ go and see, He has lit the bulb”

He at once went to the prayer room. Lord’s figure was alive with light! The plug was back in the wall.

After a while doubts start assailing him again. What if he had not taken out the plug in the first place ?

He carefully let the figures stay luminous by keeping the plug in the socket and started praying again for Lord to show him the miracle again by removing the plug.

A voice said; “ doubting still; go, the plug has been taken out.”

He went to the prayer room. The plug was out. The figures were in darkness!


               In April 1943 he was party to a wonderful event. He was visiting his friend Sri Krishnaprem in Mirtola, India.  In the evening he was singing to his three friends a deeply spiritual song, written by him, with deep emotion. The song is “ Krishna: the evergreen”. As he reached the last line, he forgot himself, and tears started flowing down his cheeks.

When the song ended, a deep silence ensued. Some eyes were teary.

One of them said, “ You know Ma was standing, listening, at the door”

They were horrified, because Ma ( guru of Krishnaparem ) was deathly sick and bedridden

They rushed to her room. She was sitting in her bed, oblivious, in smadhi.

When she came out of smadhi, she asked them. Did you see Him?

“ See who?”

“ Krishna was here. First he came for a second in my room……and stepped across the threshold……I could not follow Him that way…….till I reached the verandah……..and saw Him standing beside You (Dilip), listening…….Yes, Baba …..I did see Him, with open eyes….as I often do…….You didn’t see?”

“No, Ma, but I did feel…….”

But she went on…… “And He was standing…..beside you…… person……looking so… tenderly… you……And I….I appealed to Him: “ O Thakur, give him the blessed boon of vision…so he may see You….You Yourself have come down to hear his song….blessed blessed boy”

I bowed down, kissed her feet and wept.

Krishnaparem said later, that he also had  felt His presence vividly





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