Wednesday, February 27, 2013

61. The riddle


Mkadk has not been able to solve this riddle

When You have so much, why You give so little

I have asked so little, for so long

Oh Lord, I don’t know what is wrong

Worldly gains are not what I want

Spiritual progress is the beggar’s cant

As a wise man from East once remarked

It is like getting from ocean dew drops

Few drops from a bountiful God

Ever generous or a miserly Lord


God replies

Does not matter when you want

But are you ready for the grant

Just length does not count

Only intent does not count

Everybody’s intent and effort are noted

In the end both are voted

Everybody gets his just reward

Something, if he has worked hard

This path has a guiding creed

Trained according to capacity and need

What you want, why are you doing this

Do you want fame, miracles or bliss
Or, on the other hand

Love of God bubbles from you, you cannot help yourself

Songs for Lord, erupt from you, you cannot help yourself


Mkadk again

Wise words did not soothe his rebellious heart

Years of pain and anguish had made him distraught

What he wanted was certitude

What he got were platitude

Not a word of acknowledgement during all those years

Not one spiritual occurrence to allay his fears

He said, how can I be sure

That this is God’s talk

And not my own thought

Tell me something

Show me something

Which reason cannot explain

Science cannot maintain

But others can also ascertain

Issues between mkadk and God

As of now remain unresolved


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Monday, February 18, 2013

60.  The Door


I knocked and knocked at Your door

I howled and rolled on the floor

I scratched the door, I rang the bell

Misery of my heart I wanted to tell

Mkadk stood there with bleeding hands, bleeding feet

Locked door, silent house, was there to greet

Nobody opened the door to the beggar’s cant

Nobody asked, who are you, what you want


If door had been opened by the mighty God

If I had only met the most noble Lord

I would have said ‘ oh Sire’

Grant me my two desire

Please talk to me once a while

Please move me forward once a while


God’s reply

God said, oh mortal, what you sought

Don’t you know you have already got

You want Me to speak and draw you near Me 

Be silent, be still, stop thoughts, you will hear Me 

I have guided you

I have helped you

I have talked to you

I have walked with you


You complain of no progress to show

You have made progress you don’t know

Don’t you think of God for a longer time

Can’t you focus on Lord for a longer time

Don’t you sometimes feel the light

Aren’t your sessions filled with delight

Progress is difficult to assess, try as one might

Ant climbing the hill does not know her height

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

59. God please come close


Oh God

Dear God

Don’t go away, please stay

Without You, oh God

I lose my way

And go astray


Oh God, dear God

Have mercy on me

Don’t leave me by myself

Don’t leave me alone

Please God, please stay


Oh God, dear God

Please stay, please stay

Oh God for God sake please stay

Stay near, stay close

Don’t go far

Don’t go away


Make me Thy dwelling

Make me Thy abode

Stay in me, live in me

For an instant, or a lifetime

As you please


Before staying, dear God

Make me worthy of Thy stay

Change me with Thy grace

Let mkadk feel Your touch

on his unworthy face

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