Friday, January 18, 2013

58. There might dawn a day


There might dawn a day

When my Master

My Maker

My Creator

My God

My Allah

My Khuda

MY Parmatma

My Permeshwar

My Bhagwan

My Rubb

My Yahweh

My Ahura Mazda 

Will look down from His height

And discern the mote’s plight


It is possible

Reflection of His light Devine

Will make the mote

Scintillate with brilliant shine


A thought, Just this thought

Will break the mote’s heart


That He is the owner of myriad worlds

You, a mere particle of dust

Who are you, what is your worth


Yet He listened to your contention

Thought you worthy of His attention

Is your place worth mention



There are suns as many as hundred billion

There are planets as many as several trillion

Dust particles, as many as zillions of zillion

There is one Maker

And one Creator

Imagine His height

Think of your nadir


is’nt it a symbol of His mercy

is’nt it a symbol of His grace

That He listened to you

Light of God touched your face


The thought of His mercy will shatter

The entity of mkadk wll scatter

And break into atoms his matter


Oh people of this world, what bliss

Is there a reward greater than this


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

57. Touch of my Master




Oh my Master have mercy on me


Oh my God

Oh my Allah

Oh my Bhagwan

Oh my Rubb

Oh my Yahweh

oh my Ahura Mazda
All are but your names

However called, You are the same

My soul loves You, love it must

Have mercy on this speck of dust


Oh my God have mercy on me


When the sun will lose its light

When the stars are no longer bright

When nothing is left, everything dies
Your glory  will ever shine

Because You are Devine

You were there before time

You will be there after time

You have no decline

Oh God, please send to mkadk

A ray of Your light

A note of Thy bell

Let it dwell

In every cell

Thy music, Thy light

Will fill mkadk with delight
Not being able to contain
He will burst into flame

In the emptiness of space

His ashes will sing the rhyme

Sing, till the end of time

What words will one find

“All praises are worthy  only of Him

 He sustains the universe with His mind”

To feel Your fire

is mkadk’s ultimate desire


Oh my God, oh my God
Oh my Lord, oh my Lord

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

56.  Iqbals’ praise of God

Iqbal was a great poet. He was a mystic and lover of God. Here are
 some of his verses. The originals are in Urdu.  I have attempted to
translate them, and changed them a little where I could not find a
proper word. They have lost much in my inadequate translation.



There are no boundaries or limits to Your power

If You so desire

Desert sand will blossom in flower


Who nourishes the tiny seed in the darkness of land

Oceans and rivers change into clouds by whose hand

Who brings  the wind and the rain

Who tells the seasons to change

Who fills the golden sheaths with the pearls of wheat

Who created the earth’s soil

Who ordered the sun to boil


His gleam is seen in sun and lightning

In gold, mercury and showers

Wilderness belongs to Him

Tumbleweed belongs to Him

Thorns belong to him

And so do flowers
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Friday, January 11, 2013

55.  Seperation from You




 Separation from You

 is the cause of my pain

You are silent and hidden

and somewhere far

I have no peace, my soul is at war



Kindle the candle of Thy light

And watch the drama of sheer delight

Mad with joy, ready for death

Mkadk arrives

In the candle he dives

He dives in the flame

Your flame, Your flame

Again and again

Again and again


He looses his wings

And falls in the fire

As he falls in the flame

He utters Your name


Blazing heat burns his body

Your majesty it shows

Like embers it glows


Melting snow sets in motion

Journey of the drop towards ocean

As it merges with the ocean

It becomes ocean


Oh God, this is my great desire

To burn in Your love

And become fire

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013



54. One sided conversation with God


Oh God, dear God

Please stop, please stop

And listen to me

Please listen to me



I spent my life away from You

I spent my youth and adulthood away from You

I am ashamed, I am sorry

But what is the use

What is done cannot be undone

Time does not come back

Oh God I am ashamed, I am sorry


I was caught in the web of life

My heart was full of desires

I followed them with every breath

Like the shadow follows the body

All living things avoid pain and seek pleasure

I was no different

I followed the supreme law


Where was the time for You

Even if I remembered You

It was more of a ritual, a habit

Thoughts never left the world



Now that old age has come

Drama of life is going to be over

Now I think of You



I want to say something, oh God

Don’t be angry

Don’t consider me insolent

I want to tell You my side



I am a product of nature and nurture

I got my nature from my parents

Half the genes from my mother

And half from my father

I was nurtured at where I was born

And where I grew up



Neither in nature nor in nurture

I had any say

Nobody asked me my wishes

Where do you want to be born

Where do you want to be raised

Who should be your parents



Oh God whatever I am

Circumstances made me so

You made me so

Everything originates from You




This is not an excuse for my shortcomings

Decisions were mine, responsibility is mine

This is not a complaint

This is not an indictment of you

I know I am a tiny part

Of a huge system

Whose laws were set by You

At the beginning of time

And can never be changed

You fixed the speed of light
You made air essential to life
You made atoms small and large
You decreed the electron's charge


These are just pathos

These are just pathos

For lost time

The time I wasted

For things that could have been

I could have been closer to You

This thought is like a dagger in my heart



Oh God

Whatever life is left


Draw mkadk closer to You


Draw mkadk nearer to You

Oh god, dear God

Oh God, dear God


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