Sunday, January 13, 2013

56.  Iqbals’ praise of God

Iqbal was a great poet. He was a mystic and lover of God. Here are
 some of his verses. The originals are in Urdu.  I have attempted to
translate them, and changed them a little where I could not find a
proper word. They have lost much in my inadequate translation.



There are no boundaries or limits to Your power

If You so desire

Desert sand will blossom in flower


Who nourishes the tiny seed in the darkness of land

Oceans and rivers change into clouds by whose hand

Who brings  the wind and the rain

Who tells the seasons to change

Who fills the golden sheaths with the pearls of wheat

Who created the earth’s soil

Who ordered the sun to boil


His gleam is seen in sun and lightning

In gold, mercury and showers

Wilderness belongs to Him

Tumbleweed belongs to Him

Thorns belong to him

And so do flowers
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