Wednesday, January 16, 2013

57. Touch of my Master




Oh my Master have mercy on me


Oh my God

Oh my Allah

Oh my Bhagwan

Oh my Rubb

Oh my Yahweh

oh my Ahura Mazda
All are but your names

However called, You are the same

My soul loves You, love it must

Have mercy on this speck of dust


Oh my God have mercy on me


When the sun will lose its light

When the stars are no longer bright

When nothing is left, everything dies
Your glory  will ever shine

Because You are Devine

You were there before time

You will be there after time

You have no decline

Oh God, please send to mkadk

A ray of Your light

A note of Thy bell

Let it dwell

In every cell

Thy music, Thy light

Will fill mkadk with delight
Not being able to contain
He will burst into flame

In the emptiness of space

His ashes will sing the rhyme

Sing, till the end of time

What words will one find

“All praises are worthy  only of Him

 He sustains the universe with His mind”

To feel Your fire

is mkadk’s ultimate desire


Oh my God, oh my God
Oh my Lord, oh my Lord

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