Friday, January 18, 2013

58. There might dawn a day


There might dawn a day

When my Master

My Maker

My Creator

My God

My Allah

My Khuda

MY Parmatma

My Permeshwar

My Bhagwan

My Rubb

My Yahweh

My Ahura Mazda 

Will look down from His height

And discern the mote’s plight


It is possible

Reflection of His light Devine

Will make the mote

Scintillate with brilliant shine


A thought, Just this thought

Will break the mote’s heart


That He is the owner of myriad worlds

You, a mere particle of dust

Who are you, what is your worth


Yet He listened to your contention

Thought you worthy of His attention

Is your place worth mention



There are suns as many as hundred billion

There are planets as many as several trillion

Dust particles, as many as zillions of zillion

There is one Maker

And one Creator

Imagine His height

Think of your nadir


is’nt it a symbol of His mercy

is’nt it a symbol of His grace

That He listened to you

Light of God touched your face


The thought of His mercy will shatter

The entity of mkadk wll scatter

And break into atoms his matter


Oh people of this world, what bliss

Is there a reward greater than this


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