Friday, January 11, 2013

55.  Seperation from You




 Separation from You

 is the cause of my pain

You are silent and hidden

and somewhere far

I have no peace, my soul is at war



Kindle the candle of Thy light

And watch the drama of sheer delight

Mad with joy, ready for death

Mkadk arrives

In the candle he dives

He dives in the flame

Your flame, Your flame

Again and again

Again and again


He looses his wings

And falls in the fire

As he falls in the flame

He utters Your name


Blazing heat burns his body

Your majesty it shows

Like embers it glows


Melting snow sets in motion

Journey of the drop towards ocean

As it merges with the ocean

It becomes ocean


Oh God, this is my great desire

To burn in Your love

And become fire

note. like the previous blog it will be posted on You tube

you can also see the videos by
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