Saturday, February 9, 2013

59. God please come close


Oh God

Dear God

Don’t go away, please stay

Without You, oh God

I lose my way

And go astray


Oh God, dear God

Have mercy on me

Don’t leave me by myself

Don’t leave me alone

Please God, please stay


Oh God, dear God

Please stay, please stay

Oh God for God sake please stay

Stay near, stay close

Don’t go far

Don’t go away


Make me Thy dwelling

Make me Thy abode

Stay in me, live in me

For an instant, or a lifetime

As you please


Before staying, dear God

Make me worthy of Thy stay

Change me with Thy grace

Let mkadk feel Your touch

on his unworthy face

you can also see the videos by
----go to You
----Then type mkadk or mkadk.afnta



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