Monday, February 18, 2013

60.  The Door


I knocked and knocked at Your door

I howled and rolled on the floor

I scratched the door, I rang the bell

Misery of my heart I wanted to tell

Mkadk stood there with bleeding hands, bleeding feet

Locked door, silent house, was there to greet

Nobody opened the door to the beggar’s cant

Nobody asked, who are you, what you want


If door had been opened by the mighty God

If I had only met the most noble Lord

I would have said ‘ oh Sire’

Grant me my two desire

Please talk to me once a while

Please move me forward once a while


God’s reply

God said, oh mortal, what you sought

Don’t you know you have already got

You want Me to speak and draw you near Me 

Be silent, be still, stop thoughts, you will hear Me 

I have guided you

I have helped you

I have talked to you

I have walked with you


You complain of no progress to show

You have made progress you don’t know

Don’t you think of God for a longer time

Can’t you focus on Lord for a longer time

Don’t you sometimes feel the light

Aren’t your sessions filled with delight

Progress is difficult to assess, try as one might

Ant climbing the hill does not know her height

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