Thursday, March 20, 2014

124. Three Yogic Feats

Indra Devi ( blog 87-8, also see the list of books ) witnessed three amazing yogic feats. One day a man and his two children, aged about ten came to the gate of her father’s house. The man was dressed in ochre-colored robes. The children were possibly twins. He offered to show three yogic feats, for a price:

The Sadhu said that he will be buried underground for twenty four hours. They could cement it at the top and drive their car over it. He would show the rope trick. The third trick consisted of levitation. A price was agreed.
 A pit was dug in their garden. It was nine feet by four feet, and nine feet deep. The sadhu uttered some mantra and descended in the pit. He put some cloth in his ears and closed his eyes and nostrils with his fingers. He recited a mantra in Sanskrit eleven times. His breathing became slower and slower till it was hardly perceptible. The pit was filled with sand and earth. The top was cemented
Next day, the pit was opened and the earth removed. Sadhu was lying there like a dead person, with a thin cloth covering his face. The two children put drops of some green oil in his ears, nostrils and eyes, and also rubbed his body with the oil.
After a few minutes the sadhu opened his eyes. He was helped out of the pit. He looked a little bit tired but otherwise none the worse. He drank some milk and appeared to recover almost completely. He left after promising to perform the other two tasks the next day.
The sadhu returned the next evening with his two children. He was a dark thin man. He took out a thick rope about thirty feet long from his dirty cloth bag. He curled one end of the rope into a ball and threw it into the sky. The rope swayed a little bit and then became stiff as if it was hanging by a hook! The upper end of the rope was clearly visible. He then asked his little boy to climb up the rope. The boy did it as if he was climbing a palm tree. Suddenly his clothes started falling on the ground. He could still be seen holding the rope by his hands and feet.
Sadhu shouted: “Ram, all you alright?”
The boy answered, “Yes, father I am alright.”
“Do you want to come back?”
“No, I plan to go higher”
Right before the spectator’s eyes the boy started vanishing. Soon he disappeared. Now there was only the rope!
“Ram, where are you”
From a distance the child answered “Back to earth”
The sadhu started pulling down and winding the rope
The boy’s voice came from close, “Let me help you”
There were about fifty people watching, while the poor sadhu with tattered clothes performed in the garden. No stage, no lights, no special effects.
The girl came forwards. She was in a dirty, flimsy dress. Her hair were tied up in a rag. She was no more than ten feet from the audience. He took out a stick, about ten feet long, and let it stand behind her. He passed his hand over her body and pressed her forehead with her fingers, all the time reciting some mantras.
After about ten minutes, he touched the middle of her back with the end of the stick, while he swept her up with the other hand. She lay on the point of the stick about five feet above the ground!
He recited some more mantras and then abruptly removed the stick from underneath the girl. The girl was now suspended in the air without any support!
Indra’s husband passed his hand under her to make sure that there was no support. Two other persons also investigated without touching the girl, but there was no trickery.
After seven minutes he picked up the girl and laid her down tenderly on the grass. She looked utterly exhausted and dazed. The sadhu gave her some milk to drink and took his leave.

He was never seen again. It was said that he was a primitive man______   a bhil from the forest___who probably went back to his jungle hut.

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