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188. Jesus Christ in the eyes of a non-Christian. Part four


Swami Yogananda has narrated episodes of cure of persons who appeared dead, performed, both by Swami Yukteshwar and Lahiri Mahasaya, in his book, ‘autobiography of a yogi’. In one incident he was an active participant. Paul Brunton witnessed a person, Tahra Bey, who could stop his heart and all signs of life for one and a half hours (blog 124). I am going to repeat it briefly, for the sake of coherence:

“Tahra Bey induced auto-cataplexy in him, just as he had done before.

He was examined by doctors. No breathing, no heartbeat! He was like a dead man. There were no signs of life. It would have been hard to tell the difference between him and a dead body!

His assistants covered him completely with soft red sand.

After the allotted time, the sand was removed. He was put in a chair. Slowly, he became normal.

He had no memory of what happened to him during the time he was in the coffin”.


I have recorded a similar feat by a sadhu (holy man) in India (blog 123):

The Sadhu said that he will be buried underground for twenty four hours. They could cement it at the top and drive their car over it. He would show the rope trick. The third trick consisted of levitation. A price was agreed.

 A pit was dug in their garden. It was nine feet by four feet, and nine feet deep. The sadhu uttered some mantra and descended in the pit. He put some cloth in his ears and closed his eyes and nostrils with his fingers. He recited a mantra in Sanskrit eleven times. His breathing became slower and slower till it was hardly perceptible. The pit was filled with sand and earth. The top was cemented

Next day, the pit was opened and the earth removed. Sadhu was lying there like a dead person, with a thin cloth covering his face. The two children put drops of some green oil in his ears, nostrils and eyes, and also rubbed his body with the oil.

After a few minutes the sadhu opened his eyes. He was helped out of the pit. He looked a little bit tired but otherwise none the worse.

If these persons could raise people who looked dead, surely, Jesus Christ, the most powerful holder of such powers, must have been able to do it.

If the spirit of Prophet Muhammadpbuh could cure the malignant ulcer on the leg of Nazir Shah (blog 166), Jesus Christ, an equally mighty prophet, must have been able to cure incurable diseases:


“I replied ‘I have come to ask you to pray for cure of my disease. ‘He said ‘Go to your home in the morning. The merciful God will have pity on you. ‘Hearing these words I became certain that my leg will get better without any operation.”


A Fakir cured Indra Devi from the invariably fatal disease of Rabies (blog 87):

“She was fifteen years old when she was bitten by a dog and developed rabies (a universally fatal disease at that time) and hydrophobia (fear of water). As she was near death, her brother happened to meet the same fakir, who came to her bedside at once, and cured her. His name was Rajib Sain, and Indra saw him later, a few times, in her inner vision.

As I have explained earlier, miracles occur because, as yet undiscovered laws, are brought into play. When we see a heavy whale swim, we should ask the question, that, why is the fish not pulled to the bottom of the ocean by the force of gravity? How does an airplane with tons of cargo not pulled to the ground by earth’s gravity? Because in both cases, the force of gravity is not suspended, but is opposed by other forces.


Let us discuss other miracles of Jesus

  1. He could see things from a distance, like he saw a colt in a distant house (Mark 11:2). Seeing things at a distance comes early in the path of mysticism, as Swami Ramdas acquired it after a few years (1). The blind Russian beggar (see blog 52) could see the fire in the church from a distance:

“As it happened on one occasion when we were going through the forest. He was silent, wholly absorbed in the Prayer. “What a pity” he cried all of a sudden. “The church is on fire and the tower just collapsed.”
“When we came to the city I saw few burnt houses and the fallen belfry……….. As I figured it out, the catastrophe had occurred at exactly the time when the blind man had told me about it”

  1. Christ was transfigured, as mentioned above in section 8, in Part two. This is an unprecedented event, and shows his great place in the pantheon of prophets and mystics. Jesus calming the winds by a command is also an unprecedented event. However, a voice arising from an invisible source has been manifested by others. Here are some examples:

To be continued


(1). This fact is mentioned in one of Swami Ramdas’s trilogy of books; ‘In quest of God” and others.

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