Saturday, September 6, 2008

8. Why Do They Travel...( afnta, afnta-questforallah, Allah, God, love for God, quest)

There are two broad groups of travelers walking with the aim of realizing God:

  1. Those that are preselected by God
  2. Those who come on their own. Although, strictly speaking, nobody travels on this path without God's will.

It is easy to differentiate between the two groups. Those who are in the first group are pious in youth (actually they are pious even in their childhood). (Sexual urges are at their peak in youth and young adulthood). Whereas the second group often turn to God in later life, when it is easier to control the passions

The second group is quite heterogeneous. Some of them ventured on this path because they wanted to expand their consciousness. They may only have a vague belief in God or did not believe in God at all (Nancy Mayorga is an example. See the sidebar,"The Hunger...")

some wanted to attain supernatural powers. Some were just too poor and had no means to support themselves. It was easy for them to renunciate the world,wear the holy garb, and get free food and board by charitable people of India.

Some wanted to understand the world. What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? Who created this universe? These and other eternal, unsolvable questions. Human knowledge cannot supply the answers. May be, direct, divine knowledge, through meditation, will (this mote started like that).

A good percentage probably come from religion, i.e. they become more and more religious as they grow old. Eventually, religiosity changes to love for God. There may be other groups


    What are the key differences between the various groups? Do all of them travel on the same path or are there different paths? What keeps them on the path, despite all the hardships that were mentioned previously? (Aug,30). I will expound upon them some other day



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