Wednesday, July 31, 2013

100. God. Part four.


               Now let us present the evidence supporting the concept of God.  All the evidence is anecdotal and circumstantial. But if you have an open mind, and connect all the dots, you will arrive at the inescapable conclusion that there is a Supreme Being. We see His or His assistants’ handiworks through the examples I provide. Don’t reject them outright. If you don’t believe me, examine the raw data yourself, by reading them in the books (whose list is provided) yourself. If you still don’t believe, intellectual honesty demands that you should provide an alternative theory which should explain all the facts. Don’t just say authors lied or had hallucinations (blog 11-12). Did all these writers lie? Is there evidence that they were habitual liars or had a mental disease? If you still don’t believe then investigate yourself, by methods (blog 26) this mote and others have outlined. Go to the source, The Divine Current, yourself (blog 38). It is an extremely difficult road (blog 6), and it may take your whole life.

               There are five lines of evidence supporting God

1. The beginning of the universe

2. Foretelling the future (prophecy)

3. Miracles

4. Spirits

5.Prayers are answered

Let us first start with the beginning of universe: I have used these four books in writing this part. I want to acknowledge their help with gratitude.

               1. A history of Western philosophy by Bertrand Russell

               2. A Britannica Guide to Particle Physics. Edited by Erik Gregersen

               3. The fabric of universe by Brian Green

               4. 4 percent universe by Richard Panek

The scientific view states that the universe started about 13.8 billion years ago. It started with a big explosion called Big Bang. Most scientists believe that all the known universe; you, me, this house, this city, this earth, the solar system, all the galaxies, all the matter including dark matter, all the energy including dark energy, all the empty space including its fields, all the Higg’s particles____________ were compressed in a tiny space which was much smaller than a single atom, as a matter of fact the size of a Planck length. A Planck length is a centimeter divided by 1 followed by 33 zeroes. May be you did not grasp the size, 1000000000000000000000000000000000 of such Planck lengths will fit in a centimeter. For a sense of proportion, remember a million is I followed by 6 zeroes, a billion is 1 followed by nine zeroes, and a trillion is 1 followed by 12 zeroes. Because such an amount was compressed in such a space, the temperature of this singularity was incredibly high. It exploded and underwent great expansion (inflationary period) at greater than the speed of light. It cooled off, from 1032 degrees K to 109 degrees K (one billion degrees) in 100 seconds. Atoms formed about 380,000 years after the Big Bang. The first stars appeared at about 100-200 million years after the Big Bang. Our son and earth are about 5 billion years old. Earth had to cool off sufficiently for life to start. Life started about 3 billion years ago because of the electrons, which have the quality of inter-atomic bonding and chemical bonding. You and I exist because of this capacity of electrons. Our species Homo arrived on the scene about 2 million years ago.

               In 1929, Hubble made a great discovery with his telescope. He showed that the universe was not static but expanding. Furthermore the expansion velocity is proportional to the distance, farther a galaxy is faster is its speed; galaxies that are a 100 million light years from us are moving at about 5.5 million miles per hour, whereas galaxies that are 200 million light years move at about 11 million miles an hour. This is hard to believe. It is as if I throw a ball in the sky and the velocity of the ball, instead of decreasing, as the time elapses, keeps on increasing, and the ball disappears in the sky! Now Hubble and others were able to calculate the speed of the galaxies, from their distance from us, and the distance could be calculated by the shift in color spectrum of their light; distant stars appear red (red shift) and closer stars appear blue (blue shift ). Therefore, this discovery gave an irrefutable argument in support of Big Bang model and the time of its occurrence. If one goes to a site where debris is flying outwards, one can conclude that an explosion took place and one could pinpoint the time it took place by the present location and the speed of the debris and plotting it backwards.

               You may wonder, why so much detail? And why on a spiritual blog? The detail is necessary because my audience is high school educated persons in Asia or Africa. I want to convince them that the broad principles of science of Big Bang are impeccable. If Scriptures say earth is 5-10 years old and human being started from Adam and Eve don’t believe everything that you read. Don’t fight with science. Back ground microwave radiation, supernovae explosion (which showed that the speed of expansion decreased in first 7 billion years, but increased after that) provided further data supporting Big Bang model. I may not agree with the details. For instance the size of the universe at Big Bang may be bigger. I agree that the small size was due to the force of gravity which was pulling everything towards each other and crushing the atoms. I think that initially everything was Energy. Mass and energy are interchangeable by Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2, where E is the energy, M is the mass, and C is the speed of light per second. The singularity was just huge, phenomenal, amount of energy. Some people equate the singularity to God (this mote doesn’t)

To be continued


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