Wednesday, July 31, 2013

101. God. Part Five


If you are wondering what is the force pushing the galaxies farther and farther outwards. It is the space itself that is expanding, or to be precise, it is the repelling force of the dark energy (73 % of the matter-energy content of the universe). To borrow an example from Green, “black specks of a poppy seed muffin are dragged apart as the dough rises in baking……the outward motion arises from the relentless outwards swelling of space itself.” As the distance between galaxies increase, due to dark energy, the speed of galaxies increases more and more ( more space, therefore more dark energy, therefore more repelling force ). That is the explanation of the strange observation of Hubble.

If you ask the scientists, where is this extra dark energy coming from, 5.5 million miles per hour for the galaxies which are 100 million light years away, you get vague, unsatisfactory answers. If you ask the scientists, what are these galaxies expanding into? In other words what is outside the outermost limits of the universe? Is there more empty space? There is vagueness, silence, irritability, or meaningless plethora of words with no substance in them. As if the questioner was stupid. The law of conservation of energy is a fundamental law of nature and has no exceptions. It states “the total energy of an isolated system cannot change—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can change form”. Therefore the total energy pre-Big Bang ( for this discussion ignore Time. Time started at Big Bang, so truly speaking, there is no before Big Bang ), at Big Bang, 13.8 billion years after Big Bang, and 100 billion years after Big Bang should be the same.           

               If that is the case, there was tremendous amount of energy before Big Bang. But scientists claim that universe started from nothing. According to Guth, universe is the ultimate free lunch. So, what is the truth; tremendous amount of energy or nothing?

               Now, the universe, at some point, has to start, from absolutely and completely nothing. Philosophers, if not scientists, recognized it long ago, from Aristotle (first cause) to Spinoza, to Leibniz, to David Albert, in contemporary times. Otherwise we would, forever, be asking the question “ from where did that come from?” for instance universe started from a singularity at Big Bang, which started from random quantum fluctuation in the pre Big Bang world, which we have already seen, contained tremendous amount of energy. Where did that pre Big Bang energy come from? And so on. At some point we have to start at nothing; no quantum fields or particles, no strings, no membranes. Otherwise we have to ask ourselves, where did they come from?

It is worthwhile to keep in mind that there is no data, absolutely zero, before Big Bang. Science is silent as to what was there before Big Bang. All is speculation, which puts Krauss and Stephen Hawking, at the same level as this mote. They have started with a supposition (with zero facts) that universe arose from nothing. Can anything be created from absolutely nothing, and not their nothing (their nothing is full of positive energy and an equal amount of negative energy). Why don’t they do some experiments and create some subatomic particles, or atoms, from nothing. Deep in the Soudan Mine of Minnesota where WIMP may have been found, they should put a tube with absolutely nothing (or as much vacuum as is possible on earth) for 100 years, and show how many more particles were created. I predict it will be zero.

               Now, Hawking is a brilliant scientist. Why would he believe in such a preposterous idea? The reason is that he arrived at a conclusion first, and then he went to find the facts (there are no facts before Big Bang) which will support his conclusion. Religion does this backward practice, scientist should not do such cheating. His pre-conceived conclusion was that there is no Creator. Therefore, it follows; the universe must have emerged spontaneously.
As Sherlock Holmes famously said “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”

Now, he very well knew, or should have known, that nothing can arise from nothing. It is an impossibility

He also knew, that the law of conservation of energy predicted that there should be lot of energy pre Big Bang, so absolute nothingness vacuum state, did not exist. But logic demands that the universe, at some point, should start from nothing, and absolutely nothing. How did he and others overcome these two problems? It was brilliant but dishonest and Clintonian. First they changed the definition of nothing. Nothing did not mean absolutely and completely nothing but filled with all sorts of particles, Fields and energy.

Second, they said, that the total energy was zero, that when they said that there was nothing, they meant that the total energy was zero, but there was a huge amount of positive ( 1080 particles in the observable universe ) and an equal amount of negative energy, cancelling each other. Nobody had any idea of negative energy, so they made the mutually attractive force of gravity the negative force. Gravity and dark force cancelled each other.

They would not have needed to resort to this intellectual dishonesty, if they had not started with the first supposition that there was no Creator. All their problems arose from that. They did not and could not overcome the impossibility of anything, what to talk of whole universe, be created from nothing

               Why could there not be a God? Why is the concept of God, rejected outright by physicists and cosmologists. God is, in a way of speaking, pure energy, with a mind. It is not random, senseless, blind energy, like electricity. It is a Force with an immeasurable, unfathomable, limitless , Mind.

               Human mind, the greatest marvel on earth, reached the stage of monkey to man in mere 2 million years. It is made of billions or trillions of cells, which individually are not conscious of their own existence or of other’s existence. Each cell is made of chemicals derived from daily food. It has the capacity of reasoning and thought. Look at all the progress we have made in the last three hundred years. If human mind can arise in 3-4 billion years, why not a greater mind arise, with a similar process of evolution, in infinite amount of time ( God is outside time. Time stands still at the speed of light )

               We, the believers in God, start with the following conviction; the universe could not be created from sheer nothing. It is an impossibility. Therefore, it follows that there has to be a Creator. Is He capable of creating the universe from nothing. Yes, absolutely

               What about the question that from where did He come from?

Our answer is that we don’t know. Our small mind is not capable of answering this question, just as a cow cannot learn to read.


To be continued






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