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130.Importance of spiritual sites



When my brother asked the Great Qalandar that why my Hindu friend was given the gift of closeness to God, when he was so rich, had never performed any penances and austerities, and had never quit the world (tiag). The great mystic gave the surprising answer, “These things do not matter. He got it because of some spiritual site (which he visited). There are sites in the world where you get grace (of God). Consider Jerusalem, holy to three religions”. Although in this mote’s opinion he got the grace of God (from the site) because he loved God, perhaps, as good as anybody else.


The Yogi Krishnaparem mentioned two such sites. One was the Srirangam temple at Trichinopoly, India, where he had the vision of Lord Krishna and Radharani (blog). The other was at Maharishi’s hall. In his own words:

 “As I meditated, it was borne home to me through the mystic silence that though the peace descends from the Lord Himself____does’nt he say in the Gita that He is the primal source of all experience___the peace in this instance was transmitted through His beloved agent: the Maharishi. I have previously mentioned that Brunton had experienced and said the same thing regarding Maharishee (blog 91)

Therefore these sites are not only the broadcasting sites to God, but also the receiving sites.


My Hindu friend once visited the room near Clacutta, where Sri Ramakrishna had spent the last years of his life. My friend was at that time in his early youth and had visited the place, unintentionally, with a bunch of loud, happy friends. None of them had any thought of God or spirituality and were just enjoying the gardens and the boat-ride. When he entered the room, he felt a shiver go through his body. There was something in the air. He became quiet. He realized that his friends had also become quiet. The experience left a mark on him because he never forgot it in the next fifty or more years.


Sri Daya Mata mentions in her book (1), how she had great mystic experiences at the following places: cave of Mahavatar Babaji, in Himalayas; in front of a huge statue of Lord Buddha in Nara, Japan; in Tarakeswar temple in India; in sacred Jagannath temple in Puri, India (also see blog 5).


St Therese of Lisieux had an indescribable experience in the church of Our Ladies of Victories in Paris, France(blog 14).


There are many spiritual experiences described by various persons, that I have described at the Holy site of Data Gunj Bakhash in Lahore, Pakistan (blogs 62-4, and 67).  The law of secrecy prohibits me to disclose more.




(1). Finding The Joy Within You  by  Sri Daya Mata



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