Tuesday, March 12, 2013

71.  What else should I do


My God, please tell me

What else should I do?

I have done my best

But failed some crucial test


I have shed tears every day

I have begged You every day

I have prayed to You every day

I try to reach You every day


I collected and offered wild flowers

Covered with dew and rain

I wrote and sang songs

Of Your glory and my pain



I have repeated Your name millions of time

I have thought about You zillions of time

I loved You with an obsession

I yearned for You with burning  passion

I debased myself so low

Nothing further was left to go


Like Mogul king Babur I also thought

As a last resort

I should offer to God

The most valuable thing I got


I laid my life at Your feet

Master and mote were going to meet

Your silence was an utter defeat

Your indifference punctured my conceit

I failed to get Your attention

My sacrifice was not worth mention


Dear God give a clue

What else should mkadk do



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