Wednesday, March 20, 2013

73.   The path

There is no call from the Creator

There is no reply from the Maker

Door to God is locked

Ray from Him is blocked

No guide to show the way

No place to rest and stay

Your Majesty did not appoint a mentor

Your house remained forbidden to enter

Path was as dark as it could be

Riddled with difficulties as it should be

Alas, never got lost

In Your pious thought

Never had the ‘out of body feel’

Never on You did my mind seal

In the eyes of my mind

Your vision did not shine

Emptiness lingered over the begging hand

It remained dry like desert sand

Instead of joy, progress and hope

There was despair and pain to cope

In this journey what is hard to endure

Your silence, and lack of progress, for sure

If that is Your will oh Lord

Mkadk will make it his bidding, oh God

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