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104. God. Part eight.


3. Miracles. A miracle may be tentatively defined as an event which defies the then known laws of nature. It may still obey, and most probably do, some unknown, yet to be discovered, laws of nature. To me, it is a grandiose event. The supreme God has shown another manifestation of His power, which reason cannot explain, which science cannot maintain. Men of God possess these powers the most, magicians less, and psychics the least( psychics are ordinary people who possess some abnormal power, such as locating a missing object or see things at a distance ).

Here are some examples of miracles

               1.Dilip Kumar Roy writes. (I have narrated it in blog 88). Her guru sang a song which put her in deep smadhi. As soon as she came out of smadhi, she asked the others whether she should get some prasad (consecrated candy, traditionally served at the culmination of a religious ceremony to feed people ). None was available. She walked down the steps and got some sandy earth. She took it in her folded hands and went into smadhi. It turned into granulated prasad. It was distributed to the three persons encircling her. Then she folded her empty hands and went again into smadhi. When she opened her hands there was some more prasad. Dilip put the remaining prasad in an envelope. He also stored the sandy soil, which was originally been given to Indra, in a separate envelope. They went for dinner. After dinner, Indra, told Dilip that the soil has also partially turned into prasad. Dilip rushed to his room. Envelope was opened. Part of the mud was still mud, the rest had turned into Prasad

               Now tell me, which science can transform sandy earth into sweets?

               2.  This mote knows the person who had this experience. He suffered from a chronic illness for years, which affected his daily life. He had surgery, but that did not help. Soon he started vomiting blood. He fell down in streets couple of times and was taken to  hospital. He was diagnosed with cancer ( although that part is not documented). One day he met a durvesh. The durvesh said that in a far flung area a Qalander lives, only he has the ability to cure him. That man took that difficult journey, (considering his sickness). He met the Qalander the following day. The Qalander heard his story. He gave that man some goat milk to drink, and told him, “I have sealed your disease. It won’t progress. You won’t have vomiting any more. All your symptoms will gradually get better, and you will be alright in a month”. That is exactly what happened. Several years have since passed.


               3 and 4.. Data Gunj Bakhash writes ( see blog 62-4. I have already written these two episodes, but I will repeat for people who have not read Part 2) One time I had some problem which I could not solve so I went to a mystic in Toos. The sage was alone in a mosque. He stated narrating my problem to a pillar, before I had a chance to tell him the problem. I said , Sir, who you are talking to?  He said God told him to talk to this pillar. Then he gave me the answer to my problem.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             One day my murshad and I were travelling from Bait-ul-jin to Damascus. It was raining. I had trouble walking in mud. I looked at my murshad . His clothes and shoes were dry. When I asked him , he said “From the time I adopted twakal…( complete surrender to the will of God )………………… God has saved me from mud and rain”

                    5.    Data Gunj Bakhash writes. In a village Salang, in Ferghana ( now Uzbekistan ) I went to see a sage. The sage said  “ my son, you have been in my notice from such and such date” when I thought about the date, that was the date and year of my first day on the journey towards God. An old lady, Fatima, lived with him. He said, “ Fatima, bring something to honor this durvesh” she brought a platter of fresh grapes, although this was not the season for grapes. There were also fresh dates in that platter, whereas one did not have dates in Ferghana.

                   6. Data Gunj Bakhash writes. One time two other Durveshes and I went to see a famous saint, Ibn ul allah, who lived in a small village near Mecca ( Saudi Arabia ). Each one of us decided to think of something and see if the mystic can surmise the question in his heart. I, for myself, wanted an explanation of the verses of Hussain Ben Mansoor Halaj ( a famous majzoob saint who was hanged for his blasphemy ). The other durvesh wanted the saint to pray for his recovery from some sickness. The third, wanted to eat an exquisite sweet dish. When we arrived, he had already dictated the explanation of Mansoor’s verses on a piece of paper. He passed his hand on the second durvesh’s belly, and his sickness went away. To the third durvesh he said, “ you want the sweet dish, which worldly people desire, while you are wearing the dress of a durvesh. You should choose between the two.”

To be continued





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