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111. God Part Fifteen


5. Prayer. There is no more convincing proof of the existence of God than His answering to a strange and unique prayer. Sometimes it is not unique but has the quality of last appeal, “God! In this whole universe, only You can help me”

When such prayers are answered, the strange circumstances make it extremely unlikely that it is a coincidence; the only other possible explanation. But if you are bent upon rejecting it as an intervention of God, you can always fall back on probability, according to which everything is possible; as Brian Green explains, if you throw the 693 double-sided pages of "war and peace", there is about one in 101878 chance (10 9 make a billion ) that they will fall in exact order. See, it is possible.

I will provide 4 examples of unique prayers answered, due to their uniqueness, or just the will of God. I have already narrated them in other books. I feel guilty to repeat them. I repeat them, mainly not to break the narrative, and also the other books may not be available to the reader (although they are available, free, at the internet, but people in developing countries don’t have easily available computers and electricity) or he may not take the trouble to get the book (not many people care about God)         

                                                                                                                                                                                                          1. Shahab’s prayer (see blog 65). “Then I prayed to God with utmost sincerity that I don’t know if the story about Bibi Fatimah is correct or not. Oh Allah, I beg you to allow the spirit of Fatimah to ask her exalted father to grant my request. The request is that I want to go on the path of quest of God. I do not have the capability to follow the standard paths. I should be set on Awaisia path, if that path is a reality and not a fiction.

Several weeks passed. I did not mention my prayer to anybody. I myself forgot about it. Then one day I received a strange letter from Germany from my sister-in-law. Here is a verbatim excerpt:


“The other night I had the good fortune to see Fatimah, the daughter of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) in my dream. She talked to me most graciously and said ‘tell your brother-in-law Qudrat Ullah Shahab, that I have submitted his request to my exalted father who has very kindly accepted it”


  Why did Shahab not get direct confirmation, such as an overwhelming thought in his mind, that his prayer has been answered?  Because, this way, through the sister-in law (who knew nothing about shahab’s prayer), it was made dramatic, immediately believable, and taken out of the realm of chance. Furthermore it was filled with intimate detail. Please note, that Shahab addressed the prayer to God and not Fatimapbuh or prophet Muhammadpbuh. So it is a proof of God


      2. Mr. Shevani’s prayer ( see blog 67) He would some time pray to Allah for a very strange wish. He prayed to God to meet the greatest Qalander (high grade Muslim mystic) of this period, and live with him.

One day a bearded well dressed man came to his house. The man said that he has received orders through some secret channels to take him to a recluse mystic in FATA (federally administered tribal area). That man did not know, why?. Actually, the man who was also a mystic, initially thought that he was going to take some sick man to the recluse, because, only people with incurable sicknesses went to the Great Qalander.

As I have already told, Mr Shevani quit his comfortable world, and died 11 months later.

Only God knew his prayer, nobody else. Only God could make its fulfillment possible. Mr. Shevani would not have believed that his prayer had been answered, unless a pious man who had nothing to gain, came to take him. He went with his own free will, three days later. Mr Shevani was given dozens of opportunities to back off

  3. Giri Bala’s prayer. ( see blog 80 ) This woman saint from India had not eaten or taken liquids for over fifty six years. She said she was twelve when she joined her husband. She had the problem of overeating. Her mother-in-law shamed her relentlessly. One day she was so distraught by the constant taunting that she said that from now onwards she was not going to eat!

She prayed to God incessantly, and begged Him to send a Guru who will teach her to live without food. She fell in a spell like state. She went to the river to take her bath. As she came out of the river, still in wet clothes, in broad daylight, her master materialized before her. He said that her prayer was heard by the God, and He was deeply touched by its extraordinary nature, and he was the Guru she had asked for. From now onwards she will get her nourishment through astral light. The Guru cast around them a protective aura so that nobody could disturb them. Then he taught her secret and sacred mantra and techniques which she had to perform daily for the rest of her life.


To be continued


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