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107. God Part eleven


              We were discussing miracles.


               23. Swami Yogananda writes (blog 79-81). “When I was 12 years old, I happened to visit Banaras. My father wanted me to meet his two friends, Kedar Nath Babu, and Swami Pranabananda (see blog 103). Since I did not know Mr. Babu’s address I went to the Swami first. Swami was in meditation, in lotus position. Swami said that he will locate Mr. Babu for me. He went into a trance like state.”

               After a while, Yogananda became restless, since the man had not left his seat to provide any help. But the yogi reassured him, not to worry, since Mr. Babu will be there in half an hour.

               Soon somebody was climbing the stairs. That was Mr. Babu.

               “Who told you to come here?” Yogananda asked (since no messenger had been sent)

               “Less than an hour ago, I had just finished my bath in Ganges, when Swami Pranabananda approached me, and told me to accompany him to his place where Bhagbati’s son (Yogananda) was waiting for me….”

               “I was incredulous. I was dumbfounded. Swami Pranabananda had not left my sight for a moment, since I had met him an hour ago!”

               24.  Swami Yogananda writes. “The Master left for Calcutta on an urgent business. Next day he sent me a post card that he was arriving at such and such train, and Dijen (another disciple) and I should meet him at the railway station.

               Next, I received a telepathic message from him that he was not coming at the mentioned train.

I was resting in the room, when the room was filled with a dazzling light. Sri Yukteshwar’s form materialized!

Instinctively, I rose up from the chair, and touched his shoes. I could clearly feel the texture of his dress, the gritty surface of the shoes, and the pressure of his toes, in them. My guru said ‘this is not an apparition, but my flesh and blood form. I have been divinely commanded to give you this experience, rarely known on earth.’

               ‘Meet me at the station, with Dijen, at 10o clock train. I will be wearing the same dress. I will be following a little boy carrying a silver jug.’

               Dijen and I went to the station. The master descended and walked slowly in the wake of a small lad carrying a silver jug!”

               25. Swami Yogananda writes. “ One day Sri Yukteswar told us the story of his childhood friend and fellow disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya, Rama. Rama contracted cholera and was deathly ill. Two doctors were called but they could not save him and left, declaring that he was going to die, soon. Yukteswar rushed to his guru, twice, and was reassured each time that Rama will be alright. Soon Rama died. Yukteswar went to his guru sobbing. His guru told him to control himself and meditate with him. Whole afternoon and night passed. At dawn, the next day, the master said ‘ you are still perturbed… want some medicine…..take some castor oil from this lamp and put few drops in your friend’s mouth’. I said, what is the use. He has been dead since yesterday afternoon. But, I obeyed him. I opened the clenched mouth of my dead friend and poured oil drop by drop. At the seventh drop, he shivered violently and sat up. ‘ I saw Lahiri Mahasaya in a blaze of light….wake up!…..come with Yukteswar to see me’ he said.


4. Spirits, or proof of life after death. Spirits of people who were once alive, is a clear proof of life after death. According to science, or rationalists, there is, and cannot be, any life after death. All function of body cease after death. Brain disintegrates very soon. There is gradual death, decay and disintegration of all cells. Cells are necessary for any function. Dead cells, chemicals, or DNA may persist. If the dead body is buried, it is eaten up by insects, only bones remain. Chemical go into soil. Nutrients are recycled into plants and animals. Water evaporates. Perhaps, centuries after the death of a person, all atoms and molecules get separated from each other and become part of air, soil, water, animals, and other humans. According to the law of conservation of matter-energy, matter-energy cannot be destroyed, total amount remains the same. Therefore, dead person is transformed in millions of pieces of matter-energy

               To science, it is preposterous to think, that some part of one’s body is preserved. What is preserved? How is it preserved, under what law of nature? Where is it preserved? Why is it preserved? How long is it preserved? Where is the evidence or proof of its existence?

               To scientist, spirits cannot and do not exist. The persons who have seen spirits are either liars, gullible superstitious fools, or suffer from some mental disease. Finally, if everything else fails, there is one more explanation: Since there are billions of planets, it is entirely possible, that there are other forms of life in some of them. Some of them may have entered in space-age centuries before us. Therefore, what are spirits, are simply visitors from outer space. This argument is hard to refute, except that the spirits which we will discuss here, were once alive here as human beings, on this planet, earth. They are not visitors from other planets, and they are not disembodied inhabitants of this planet who never possessed a body ( jinns, genii. See page 42 of ‘ A seach in secret India’ by Brunton, page 92‘ a search in secret Egypt’ by Brunton ). Here are some examples.


To be continued.



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