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106. God Part Ten


               17. Paul Brunton writes: (see blog 89. I am repeating it for people who have not read Part 2) That night he suddenly woke up around three. The atmosphere seemed to be charged. The room was totally dark. Suddenly he became aware of a bright object at the foot of the bed. He saw the face and form of His Holiness Shri Shankara!

Lips smiled and seem to say “Be humble and then you shall find what you seek!”

               18. In another book (I forget the name of the book ) Brunton wrote of the face of Maharishee appearing in a British park in daylight. Maharishi was thousands of miles away in India. Maharishee gave a message.

               19. Paul Brunton writes. “In Banares, I went to meet Swami Vishudananda, a yogi, famous for his miraculous powers. He could create any perfume out of thin air. He had learnt this art after studying under a Tibetan master for twelve years. He took a handkerchief from me and asked me what perfume would I like to have? I asked for white jasmine. Air was filled with white jasmine fragrance.

               What next? This time I chose attar of roses. He evoked the perfume of attar of roses in a corner of handkerchief.

               My next choice was violets. Again he was successful. When I drove home, I showed the handkerchief to three persons. Everybody recognized the three scents, so it was not a hallucination.

               Next day the yogi brought a bird, a strangled sparrow, dead for about an hour, back to a short life.

               20. Swami Yogananda, as a boy, also met Swami Vishudananda ( Gandha Baba ). He asked for two perfumes; one for his palm and other for a scentless white flower in a vase. When he arrived at his home, his sister confirmed the scents, one coming from his palm, and the other from a normally scentless flower.

               21. Swami Yogananda writes; “I was deep in meditation, in a store room in Ranchi school, India, when I saw a vision of Western faces. I thought they were American. Some of them, later on, I instantly recognized. I right away understood, that I have been told to go to America. I said goodbye to students and staff, and told them that I am going to America. Few hours after the vision, I was on a train to Calcutta to meet my Master.”

               22. Swami Yogananda writes (blog 79. I am repeating it for people who have not read Part 2); Therese Neumann. Sri Yogananda had heard about Therese and was keen to see her. An opportunity presented in 1935. Therese, born in 1898, was from Germany. She was famous because she had not eaten or taken any liquids for twelve years, except a consecrated wafer, paper-thin, and the size of a small coin, each day. She was also famous for the fact, that every Friday, Stigmata, sacred wounds of Jesus, would appear on her corresponding body parts, and she would be experiencing the Passion of Christ.

Therese became blind and paralyzed, when she was twenty, because of an accident. She miraculously regained her sight through prayers to St Therese of Lisieux ( see blog 13-14) in 1923. She stopped eating and drinking in 1923, and the stigmata started appearing in 1926

Therese only knew ordinary German, but during the trance, she would utter phrases in ancient Aramaic, and at appropriate times she would speak in Greek or Hebrew languages

Sri Yogananda and his American companions met her and he was struck by her simplicity and holiness. She was a picture of health with rosy cheeks. She confirmed with her own lips that she does not eat or drink (except the wafer). She also told that she was a helpless onlooker as she watches the ‘Passion of Christ’ from Thursday midnight to Friday afternoon. Her wounds bleed at that time.

They were given permission to watch the saint during the trance. Just before entering the room, Yogananda put himself in communion with her brain, so that he could see what she was seeing. As he entered the chamber he was awestruck at the terrifying spectacle. Therese was lying in bed covered with white sheet. There was a continuous one inch stream of blood coming out of the lower eyelids of her eyes. Blood was also coming out of her chest wound. Cloth around her forehead was covered with blood from the stigmata of the crown of thorns.

I could see she was watching Jesus carrying the heavy timbers of the cross. At one point Jesus fell and Therese lifted her head in consternation


To be continued




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