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108. God part twelve

The section on spirits and life after death continues

          1.  In a village, Miani, Pinddadan –khan , Pakistan, there lived a young Hindu boy in nineteen thirties. One night in a dream, he met the spirit of Prophet Muhammad pbuh . He instantly recognized the holy prophet and said Sir, what are you doing so far away? The prophet replied “son, I have come here only for your sake.” prophet asked if there was a mosque nearby? I think, they said the Namaz (I don’t have the author’s book in front of me. I am writing from memory. The essentials are anyway correct). Prophet took the boy to Kaaba (the center of Islam) and converted him to Islam (the boy, in later life showed the place to his wife and children. It was exactly as it was in dream).

               The holy prophet said “from now onwards you are a Muslim. You have tough time ahead of you. Great troubles will fall on you. Remain steadfast.  I will pray to Allah for you.” It is worth noting, the holy prophet did not say I will help you, but I will pray to God to help you.

 The boy remained Muslim, despite his parents begging him to stay Hindu. At partition in 1947, all his family left for India, but he stayed in Pakistan. He became highly educated and retired as Principal of local college. He wrote his biography “ al-zulmat-a-fin Noor, by Ghazi Ahmed” 

One day a visitor came to his house. The visitor said he has a message from Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his dearest companion Abu Bakar pbuh. The man had some chronic leg problem. He had been in pain. Doctors advised amputation. Just before surgery, he fell asleep. He had a dream, in which he saw people going in a building. He followed others. There he saw the holy prophetpbuh. The prophet told him that his leg has been cured. Then he pointed to a man by a table and said ‘that is my friend Abu Bakarpbuh .  He has a message for you to carry’.  Abu Bakar told him to memorize your name and address and personally deliver the message to you; Ghazi Ahmed. That is why he had come. Here he thought that the visitor had read his book and wanted to meet the author. He had not even heard of the book.

               2.  I have recounted Swami Ramdas’s vision of Jesus Christ ( blog 85. I am repeating it for people who have not read Part 2)  Ramdas was in a cave in Himalayas. He had been fasting (except water) for 5 days, thinking incessantly of God. There was no light in the cave. Suddenly, one night, the cave was filled with a strange light. Ramdas opened his eyes, and found a shining person sitting before him. Something in him at once told him that this was the great prophet Jesus Christ. He was dressed in a long chocolate colored robe. Locks of hair were falling on his shoulders. His face showed utmost sweetness and serenity, glowing with divine radiance. Most prominent were his eyes which glowed like stars. Ramdas was transfixed and went into ecstasies. There was another man with him but Ramdas’s eyes were only on Christ. Christ spoke a few words, but Ramdas could not understand him. This vision lasted for maybe few seconds. Ramdas was lost in ecstasy for the whole night

              3. In April 1943 he was party to a wonderful event. He was visiting his friend Sri Krishnaprem in Mirtola, India. In the evening he was singing to his three friends a deeply spiritual song, written by him, with deep emotion. The song is “ Krishna: the evergreen”. As he reached the last line, he forgot himself, and tears started flowing down his cheeks.

When the song ended, a deep silence ensued. Some eyes were teary.

One of them said, “ You know Ma was standing, listening, at the door”

They were horrified, because Ma ( guru of Krishnaparem ) was deathly sick and bedridden

They rushed to her room. She was sitting in her bed, oblivious, in smadhi.

When she came out of smadhi, she asked them. Did you see Him?

“ See who?”

“ Krishna was here. First he came for a second in my room……and stepped across the threshold……I could not follow Him that way…….till I reached the verandah……..and saw Him standing beside You (Dilip), listening…….Yes, Baba …..I did see Him, with open eyes….as I often do…….You didn’t see?”

“No, Ma, but I did feel…….”

But she went on…… “And He was standing…..beside you…… person……looking so… tenderly… you……And I….I appealed to Him: “ O Thakur, give him the blessed boon of vision…so he may see You….You Yourself have come down to hear his song….blessed blessed boy”

I bowed down, kissed her feet and wept.

Krishnaparem said later, that he also had felt His presence vividly

            4. I have already recounted this incident of Data Gunj Bakhash ( blog 64.  I am repeating it for people who have not read Part 2) In 1918, there was an epidemic of plague in Lahore. Three sons of a rich titled man of Lahore named Rai Bhahadar Saran Das fell victim to the disease. Three top physicians of Lahore, Col Bhola Nath, Col Amir Chand, Col Sutherland (principal of King Edward medical college) treated them but of no avail. Rai Bhahadar was disconsolate. He narrates ” One night while everybody was asleep, I saw a white bearded person wearing a shining dress, with a staff in one hand and a rosary in other, reciting something at the foot of my son, Gopal Das’s, bed. At seeing a stranger I became worried and asked “who are you?”. He did not reply and kept on reciting. Then he went to my other son Roop Ram’s bed and did the same. Then that venerable person came to me and said,” I am your neighbor Gunj Bakhash. I could not stand your sorrow and anguish. So I came to pray. Now don’t worry. Merciful God will cure them”. All three sons recovered.).

To be continued
(1) Maira kabool-a-Islam by Ghazi Ahmed

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